Acetone, a Kutek Solvent Substance that Can Harm the Body

Acetone is a liquid which in the industrial world is often used as a solvent. In the human body, acetone is one of the constituents of ketones which is the result of a fat breaking reaction. In the body, the formation of acetone can be used as an indication that the cells in the body are experiencing insulin deficiency or disrupted the effectiveness of the use of insulin and glucose in the body. One condition where this can occur is diabetes. Another factor that can also increase acetone levels in the body is when fasting and doing strenuous physical activity. One characteristic of acetone as a liquid is that it is volatile. Another feature of acetone is flammable and colorless. This compound has a smell like mint leaves and has a spicy taste. In addition to the human body, naturally, compounds with the chemical formula C3H6O can be found in plants, trees, volcanic gases, and as a result of forest fires. Human behavior that can cause the presence of acetone is cigarette smoke, res
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